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Extract Journal Entries for Auditors using SQL Query

Twice a year, I receive a request to extract Journal Entries for Auditors.  It could have been done using the Smartlist in Dynamics GP but my End Users didn't want to use it because it is time consuming on their end. We extract into two sets:  January to August and then October to December once they are done with closing their books.  Until today, I'm still using the SQL scripts below and extract the data into Excel. OPEN YEAR select A.OPENYEAR 'Year',            TRXDATE 'Trx_Date', ORPSTDDT 'Originating_Posted_Date', A.JRNENTRY 'Journal_Entry', A.RCTRXSEQ 'Recurring_Trx_Sequence', ORTRXSRC 'Originating_TRX_Source',      A.SOURCDOC 'Source Document',            A.REFRENCE 'Reference',              ORMSTRID 'Originating_Master_ID',        ORMSTRNM 'Originating_Master_Name',             ORDOCNUM 'Originating_Doc_Number', DEBITAMT 'Debit_Amount', CRDTAMNT 'Cr

DUG Arizona: Frist in Person Meetup

  We had a blast on our  Dynamics User Group (DUG)  Arizona First in-person meetup! Everyone’s highlight was learning, meeting members in the Dynamics community and looking forward for more! 🎉 Thank you  Kathy Kim  for the wonderful facility! Thanks to our speakers  Cecile Dinh,   Mary Miller  and  Sean Fitzgerald . Big thanks to all attendees. See you again soon! To join please sign-up here to be updated on our future announcements.

GP Guru Level Up: Episode 2 - How to use the Replicator to create a macro with John Arnold

 In continuation of my previous blog in  Episode 1  about using a macro to process NSF, I learned that there's an easiest way to create a macro using the  Replicator and it's   free for everyone!  This is developed by John Arnold , Senior Software Engineer from US Digital. Preparation steps: Go to John's website: Click on Replicator >> Download the Replicator Excel File Right click on the file >>  Mark the checkbox to Unblock Security Open the Replicator File Ready your NSF macro Ready your data in Excel Here is the NSF macro template for future use: # DEXVERSION=18.00.0021.000 2 2 CheckActiveWin dictionary 'default'  form 'RM_Misc_Transaction' window 'RM_Misc_Transaction'    TypeTo field 'Customer Number' ,  '09728003SA'   MoveTo field 'Document Type' item 1  # 'Sales / Invoices'    ClickHit field 'Document Type' item 7  # 'Payments'    MoveTo field '(L) Document Number