Bad Debt Model Quarterly

 One of my users requested this report to be able to get the specific list of accounts in one report instead of going to Summary Inquiry one at a time. Solution: 1. Create an SQL View in your SQL Server by running the SQL script below USE [CO100 - @yourcompanyID] GO /****** Object:  View [dbo].[view_Open_Yr_GL_TB_Month_End]    Script Date: 10/11/2023 2:15:51 PM ******/ SET ANSI_NULLS ON GO SET QUOTED_IDENTIFIER ON GO create view [dbo].[view_Open_Yr_GL_TB_Month_End] as  -- ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ -- Created July 9, 2014 by Victoria Yudin -- Flexible Solutions, Inc. -- For other code, please visit -- Only returns the first open year in GP -- Month names in columns use calendar fiscal year -- ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  select g.YEAR1 [Year], a.ACTNUMST Account, g.ACTDESCR [Description], c.ACCATDSC Category, sum(case g.PERIODID when 0     then g.PERDBLNC else 0 end) Beginning_Balance, sum(case wh

DynamicsCon Live: Room Monitor Volunteer (whole day)


DynamicsCon Live 2023 - Microsoft Business Central Speaker

  How do you troubleshoot performance problems in Business Central online? What should you do if users complain that “it’s slow”? In this session, Cecile Dinh and Steve Endow will show you how to research performance issues. We will show you some troubleshooting processes that can help to guide you to find the root cause of problems, like measuring system performance, collecting performance data, and locating bottlenecks. We will also share some best practices on how to improve the performance that users experience with Business Central online.

DynamicsCon Live 2023 - Dynamics GP Upgrade Speaker

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DynamicsCon Live 2023 THE SCOTTSDALE PLAZA RESORT & VILLAS 7200 N SCOTTSDALE RD, SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA, 85253, USA DynamicsCon LIVE, Hosted by Dynamics User Group returns May 22nd-25th in sunny Scottsdale, AZ! We’re returning with twice the content and breakout room space! Over 115 sessions will be happening over the course of 3 days, with a welcome reception to kick off and reunite the DUG community the evening of Monday, May 22nd. Dynamics User Group (DUG) Arizona would like to welcome you!  The Scottsdale Plaza Resort & Villas is located just minutes away from the restaurants, shops, and art galleries of Old Town Scottsdale listed below . Also, there are many places to explore if you are staying few more days after the conference. With a dazzling array of amazing sights, Arizona’s desert climate is home to some astounding geological formations and canyons that are well worth exploring. The Grand Canyon, for example, is one of the United States’ most famous sights, while the i

GP Guru Level Up: Episode 3 - How to bring your out of the box Aged Trial Balance into Smartlist

 We had a great session at our Dynamics User Group Virtual with our guest speaker Marion Palaming discussing techniques in using SQL Views to create  PM and RM Aged Trial Balance into Smartlist. Here are the SQL Views used in the presentation: Disclaimer: did some minor updates from Victoria Yudin's SQL Views RECEIVABLES MODULE USE ['yourDB] GO /****** Object:  View [dbo].[RM_SMAging_CurrentDate]    Script Date: 4/21/2023 10:54:48 AM ******/ SET ANSI_NULLS ON GO SET QUOTED_IDENTIFIER ON GO CREATE VIEW [dbo].[RM_SMAging_CurrentDate] AS SELECT CM.CUSTNMBR AS Customer_ID, CM.CUSTNAME AS Customer_Name, CM.PYMTRMID AS Customer_Terms, CM.CUSTCLAS AS Customer_Class, CM.PRCLEVEL AS Price_Level, RM.CURNCYID,               CASE RM.RMDTYPAL WHEN 1 THEN 'Sale / Invoice' WHEN 3 THEN 'Debit Memo' WHEN 4 THEN 'Finance Charge' WHEN 5 THEN 'Service Repair' WHEN 6 THEN 'Warranty' WHEN 7 THEN 'Credit Memo' WHEN 8 THEN 'Return' WHEN 9 THEN &

Dynamics GP Community Call with Cecile Dinh & Others

With Microsoft's latest updates to Dynamics GP sales, licensing, and support plans, the future of the product may seem uncertain. In this live panel discussion, organized by MSDW and Dynamics User Group, our panel of GP veterans will review the details of Microsoft's decisions around new customer sales and support and discuss what these changes mean for the user and partner communities. We will also take audience questions and comments. Here’s the highlights: No more new GP customers in October 2025 Existing customers can still add new modules and additional users Annual enhancements renewals will increase in October 2023 Microsoft will still release updates in 2028 and beyond Do not rush in making decision to swith to new cloud ERP There are around 35,000 GP sites (customers) out there GP is a matured product it will not go anywhere Stay current in GP version There are many good ISVs or 3rd Party product out there - t

Microsoft recognized Cecile at the Opening Keynote

  Dynamics User Group (DUG)  Community members are catalysts for impact. Such an honor to be recognized by Microsoft at Opening Keynote with  Connie Thompson  and Tom Dornan. We are here to support the community. Thank you Microsoft for your recognition! (05:24)

Extract Journal Entries for Auditors using SQL Query

Twice a year, I receive a request to extract Journal Entries for Auditors.  It could have been done using the Smartlist in Dynamics GP but my End Users didn't want to use it because it is time consuming on their end. We extract into two sets:  January to August and then October to December once they are done with closing their books.  Until today, I'm still using the SQL scripts below and extract the data into Excel. OPEN YEAR select A.OPENYEAR 'Year',            TRXDATE 'Trx_Date', ORPSTDDT 'Originating_Posted_Date', A.JRNENTRY 'Journal_Entry', A.RCTRXSEQ 'Recurring_Trx_Sequence', ORTRXSRC 'Originating_TRX_Source',      A.SOURCDOC 'Source Document',            A.REFRENCE 'Reference',              ORMSTRID 'Originating_Master_ID',        ORMSTRNM 'Originating_Master_Name',             ORDOCNUM 'Originating_Doc_Number', DEBITAMT 'Debit_Amount', CRDTAMNT 'Cr

DUG Arizona: Frist in Person Meetup

  We had a blast on our  Dynamics User Group (DUG)  Arizona First in-person meetup! Everyone’s highlight was learning, meeting members in the Dynamics community and looking forward for more! 🎉 Thank you  Kathy Kim  for the wonderful facility! Thanks to our speakers  Cecile Dinh,   Mary Miller  and  Sean Fitzgerald . Big thanks to all attendees. See you again soon! To join please sign-up here to be updated on our future announcements.