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GP Guru Level Up: Episode 1 - How to use a macro to process 300+ NSF in Dynamics GP in minutes

Out of the 13,000 records we drafted there were 300+ transactions with No Sufficient Fund (NSF) or bank account was not yet ready to be drafted. In this video I will show you how to create a macro to save you time and energy in processing NSF in Dynamics GP. Here is the NSF macro template for future use: # DEXVERSION=18.00.0021.000 2 2 CheckActiveWin dictionary 'default'  form 'RM_Misc_Transaction' window 'RM_Misc_Transaction'    TypeTo field 'Customer Number' , '09728003SA'   MoveTo field 'Document Type' item 1  # 'Sales / Invoices'    ClickHit field 'Document Type' item 7  # 'Payments'    MoveTo field '(L) Document Number'    TypeTo field '(L) Document Number' , 'PYMNT000000343441'   MoveTo field 'Void Date'    TypeTo field 'Void Date' , '01262022'   MoveTo field 'GL Posting Date'    MoveTo field '(L) NSF Button'    ClickHit field '(L) NSF Button